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In the Steps of Finn MacCool (Giant’s Causeway)

  This October I had a chance to mix two of my hobbies, geology and mythology, on the Giant’s Causeway in northern Ireland. Geologists tell us that the Giant’s Causeway is a beautiful example of columnar basalt, lava that cooled slowly and cracked into enormous columns of four to eight sides. The audio guide provided by […]

The Myth of Arion and the Dolphin

My retelling; based mostly on accounts by Ovid and Herodotus, with a few original additions. There was a youth in ancient Corinth who played the lyre with such skill that many said he was taught by the legendary musician Orpheus, for he had the power to charm beasts with his songs. Once upon a time, […]

Featured Storyteller: Sister Unity

Normally I mean to share my own research and retellings of world mythology, but I have stumbled across a bard who truly deserves the title. Her performances speak for themselves; so do the myths she tells. Here’s Unity’s performances of The Story of Durga Part II, The Story of Ganesh and The Rabbit and the […]

Phaethon and the Chariot of the Sun

Photo credit: Ed BrambleyPhaethon was the son of Helios the sun-god and the ocean-goddess Klymene. She later married Merops, King of Ethiopia, who raised the boy as his own son. One day Phaethon’s best friend Epaphos, a prince from a neighboring kingdom, began to taunt him about his parentage. “Son of Helios?” Epaphos said. “A […]

Greek Myth: The Adventures of Perseus

Photo credit: TimDan2 on FlickrAkrisios, king of Argos, had a daughter of surpassing beauty, but no son. At last he sent a messenger to the oracle at Delphi to ask what hope he had for an heir. The oracle’s reply was grim: Akrisios would have no son, and his grandson would kill him. In the […]