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Recommended Link: Storytelling in India

I just ran across a good article on the revival of storytelling traditions in India, and how it’s captivating modern audiences who have moved to flatscreen TVs, Bollywood, and other modern marvels. Lost art of Urdu storytelling returns to Delhi ~ BBC CorrespondentĀ Anu Anand There is also some meaningful commentary on how storytelling is helping […]

The Word and Unstruck Sound

Words have power, and many creation myths begin with god speaking or singing the universe into being. The New Testament speaks of Logos, the word. Kosmos, the universe, which also means “that which is ordered, structured,” arises from logos, the word. This is older than Christianity, of course: Greek philosophers spent a lot of time […]

Featured Storyteller: Sister Unity

Normally I mean to share my own research and retellings of world mythology, but I have stumbled across a bard who truly deserves the title. Her performances speak for themselves; so do the myths she tells. Here’s Unity’s performances of The Story of Durga Part II, The Story of Ganesh and The Rabbit and the […]