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Grave Goods: An Affirmation of Life

A fascinating article in the LA Times this week tells of a modern expression of a practice that goes right back to the dawn of human prehistory: the sacrifice or disposal of offerings for the dead. In this case, Chinese are burning paper facsimiles of iPads, iPhones, and other modern luxuries to “give” to their […]

World Flood Myths: Giants, Stones & New Life

Within the last year, devastating floods have hit Pakistan, Vietnam, Brazil, Queensland, Sri Lanka and elsewhere, such that the Christmas flooding in the southwestern U.S. seems like a single drop of water by comparison. Floods are epic events that claim or change lives, fundamentally altering landscapes and leaving traumatic memories in their wake. Unless you have […]

2011: Chinese Year of the Rabbit

2011 is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit; the year is 4709 in the Chinese calendar. It starts on February 3rd by our calendar, which falls on the feast of Brigid in the Celtic calendar. I told you the myth of the Chinese New Year in 2008, but it’s time to revisit! In brief, the […]

Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Rat!

Thursday marked the beginning of the Chinese year 4706, the Year of the Rat. That means it’s time to share one of many versions of the myth about… The Rat Race Once upon a time, the Jade Emperor (or Buddha, some say) was holding a casting call for the signs of the Chinese Zodiac. The […]