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Recommended Article on Carl Jung

Today, the 50th anniversary of C.G. Jung’s death, an excellent introduction to his ideas appears on the BBC website, reflecting on what Jung would make of 2011. Among many other concepts that have entered our culture, he coined the terms extravert (nowadays called extrovert) and introvert. I suspect he would have been fascinated and appalled by […]

Announcement: New Domain/Blogname

The naming of blogs is a difficult matter, to misquote T.S. Eliot. Thank you, everyone, for your votes to help me correct my Myth-take. The new domain name for this blog is: Mythphile The ending -phile comes from Greek philia, “affection/love,” as seen in Anglophile. The new URL/domain name will be: Please change your […]

Let There Be Myth!

Welcome to Mythprint, a blog for people who love mythology. Have I got a story to tell you! Please, pull up a chair. I plan to use this blog as a place to share my love of mythology through original retellings and recordings of my favorite myths. (Playback) I’ll also be sharing related resources such as my photos of Greek art, as well as personal picks for good websites and books of interest to students and lovers of mythology…