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Sand Stories of Kseniya Simonova

Mythos means “a thing told,” an utterance, a story. Mythology is the art of passing down culture, lessons, ideas through stories which pluck at our souls, our dreams, our emotions, not just our rational minds. Bards are the purveyors of mythology in many societies. A bard is more than a storyteller, although a bard works […]

Recommended Article on Carl Jung

Today, the 50th anniversary of C.G. Jung’s death, an excellent¬†introduction to his ideas appears on the BBC website, reflecting on what Jung would make of 2011. Among many other concepts that have entered our culture, he coined the terms extravert (nowadays called extrovert) and introvert. I suspect he would have been fascinated and appalled by […]

Grave Goods: An Affirmation of Life

A fascinating article in the LA Times this week tells of a modern expression of a practice that goes right back to the dawn of human prehistory: the sacrifice or disposal of offerings for the dead. In this case, Chinese are burning paper facsimiles of iPads, iPhones, and other modern luxuries to “give” to their […]

Recommended Link: Storytelling in India

I just ran across a good article on the revival of storytelling traditions in India, and how it’s captivating modern audiences who have moved to flatscreen TVs, Bollywood, and other modern marvels. Lost art of Urdu storytelling returns to Delhi ~ BBC Correspondent¬†Anu Anand There is also some meaningful commentary on how storytelling is helping […]

Namazu, Japan’s Quake Maker

I’ve been following the heartbreak in Japan along with everyone around the world.¬†At such times, people often turn to art to express the unspeakable. One artist, @dosankodebbie on Twitter, has created a few collages of namazu, the mythical catfish that stirs in the mud and shakes their island chain. Recommended Link: “The Catfish Stirred“ by […]