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Madame Pele Gives and Takes Away

“We stayed until close to midnight, watching a bright orange lava flow as it slowly consumed stubborn trees that don’t yield easily to fire. Walking back to the car, my mother tapped my shoulder and pointed…”

Update: Volcano Mythology Has Moved

I maintain a microsite on volcanoes, and of course, I’ve got a page there devoted to volcano mythology. Thanks to my publisher restructuring how its platform works, I’ve had to rearrange everything. The URL of my volcano mythology article has changed. You will now find it here: Volcano Mythology Take a look if you haven’t […]

In Memoriam: The Shoe Tree of Nevada

The Shoe Tree is dead. Long live the Shoe Tree. I learned about Nevada’s Shoe Tree on the “Loneliest Road in the World” from a touching article in the Los Angeles Times. In December 2010, this modern-day sacred tree was cut down by vandals with a chainsaw, after serving as a curious and cryptic symbol in […]

Volcano Mythology!

Greetings, fellow myth-lovers! I have a whole batch of myths for you. I have an old webpage all about volcanoes which had gotten far too large from all the updates. (I’ve got sections on historical and current eruptions.) I also had some volcano mythology on it, but not that much. Now I’ve divided the page […]

The Atlantis Legend

(Syncroblog suggested by Mahud: Theme “Landscapes”) I’ll tell you a story about Atlantis, the Lost Land. Once upon a time, a Greek philosopher named Plato was writing about his mentor Socrates and their circle of learned friends. Sometimes they would talk about right and wrong, the soul and other erudite matters by telling stories that […]