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The Ham Sandwich and Eternal Happiness

An old logic joke goes like this: I. Nothing is better than eternal happiness. II. A ham sandwich is better than nothing. III. Therefore, a ham sandwich is better than eternal happiness! It turns out that there are a lot of ham sandwich myths trying to reassure us that our life is tasty just as […]

Godzilla, Akira, Mononoke: Japan’s Fear

Professor Peter Winn Kirby of Oxford has a thoughtful and painfully spot-on essay about how the original Godzilla movies, far from being mere campy horror flicks, in fact were fictional dramatizations giving a voice to Japan’s visceral fears of radioactive contamination. Once again, mythology and stories put a face on things which are almost unthinkable. […]

Myths Go to the Movies: Alice in Wonderland

It’s a poorly-kept secret that nowadays, myths have gone to Hollywood.¬†Joseph Campbell spent time holed up with filmmaker George Lucas, helping him hash out the first Star Wars movies (and to my mind, the recent three were missing that timeless spark). In Campbell’s classic book,¬†The Hero with a Thousand Faces, he outlines a “universal myth,” […]