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Greek Mythology Trivia Quizzes

The Goddess Athena wants you to strap on your thinking caps and test yourself! I’ve created a series of Greek Mythology Trivia Quizzes. Some are tough; they’re designed for students of Greek mythology and classics to test themselves. Others are easier. For all of them, I’ve included “mini-myths” and Greek art (mostly vase paintings) following […]


Vodou: African Religion in Haiti

I have been buried in dissertation and real life and neglected this blog. However, I have just posted an article on Haitian Vodou whose Adsense and Amazon revenue will go to Hope for Haiti, a good charity helping with Haiti relief efforts. ┬áHere’s the introduction: What Is Haitian Vodou? Haitian Vodou (Anglicized as Voodoo) is […]

Announcement: New Domain/Blogname

The naming of blogs is a difficult matter, to misquote T.S. Eliot. Thank you, everyone, for your votes to help me correct my Myth-take. The new domain name for this blog is: Mythphile The ending -phile comes from Greek philia, “affection/love,” as seen in Anglophile. The new URL/domain name will be: Please change your […]

I Have Made a Myth-Take!

I thought I was being both original and clever with this title, to misquote Frodo in the “Conspiracy Unmasked” chapter of Fellowship of the Ring. Alas, it turns out I have been clever, but not original. Behold: Mythprint, the monthly newsletter of the Mythopoeic Society. As active as I’ve been among Tolkien-enthusiasts over the years, […]

Let There Be Myth!

Welcome to Mythprint, a blog for people who love mythology. Have I got a story to tell you! Please, pull up a chair. I plan to use this blog as a place to share my love of mythology through original retellings and recordings of my favorite myths. (Playback) I’ll also be sharing related resources such as my photos of Greek art, as well as personal picks for good websites and books of interest to students and lovers of mythology…